Speaking at Warm Crocodile

In about a month from now I'll be at Warm Crocodile conference in Copenhagen. While there I'll be giving two talks, both on the Thursday. The titles and abstracts are:

  • Introduction to Nancy: Nancy is a lightweight .NET web framework. It provides an easy to use, to-the-point alternative to the most commonly used .NET web frameworks. Nancy does not try to be everything to everyone. But it does try to be the super-duper-happy path to web development on .NET and Mono. Come get introduced to Nancy, and judge for yourself.
  • Layers Consider Harmful : Layers are killing us. All the time. They are killing our communication. They are killing our speed. They are killing the others speed as well. We need to do better. Which we can. I'll tell why layers are killing us. I might even tell you something about how to do better.
Warm Crocodile is a new conference organized by, among others, Daniel Frost, who e.g. has been one half of making Community Cph. happen. If Warm Crocodile can take that fun, sharing and welcoming atmosphere of Community Day and combine that with the high quality content it the impressive international speaker line up promises, it'll an absolutely great couple of days-

Hope to see to you there for some geeking out and a good discussion!

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