One Nancy blog to aggregate them all!

I have been wanting to create a Nancy blog for a very long time. My initial idea was to create a blog that used static files and posts in markdown format (like Sandra.Snow, which is built using Nancy, or Jekyll) and have people submit pull-requests if they wanted to share content.

A lack of time got the better of me and I never got any further than creating an empty repository. The idea never vanished and it has been something that we (the core contributors of Nancy) recently started talking about again.

During our meeting it was brought up again and we thought it was a great idea and that we should act on it. The next day Jonathan Channon shared his first spike of the blog that, behind the scenes, was powered by a Nancy based RSS aggregator. Awesome work!

I am very pleased to announce the beta of the website. It is still at a very early stage and we are not done with the design of the site yet (help is always welcome!). The source code for the blog can be found at the Nancy.Blog repository.

If you blog about Nancy then you can submit a pull-request to have your blog added to the feeddata.json. The aggregator will scan your RSS feed for any posts that are in a nancy or nancyfx category.

I won't to point out that we do not make any claims on your content. Our disclaimer clearly states that we do not take any responsibility or copyright of the content. We provide several links back to the original post and we inform the readers that all comments should be posted on the original blog (again, we provide a link)-

Don't forget to add our rss-feed to your reader to get all the aggregated Nancy content from a single source!

"This post was aggregated from and all comments should be submitted on the original post"