Nancy v1.4.2 will break the versioning schema

Usually when we put out a new version of Nancy, we also bump the version number of all other Nancy packages, even if they have not had any changes.

This approach has made it easy to know that you are using a version that is guaranteed to be compatible with the current Nancy version. It has made upgrading easy since you just update the Nancy package and it will update all other packages that has a dependency on the Nancy package.

However, now that the v1.x releases have officially entered maintenance mode, we have decided that the v1.4.2 release will break this tradition. For the v1.4.2 release we will only update the Nancy package it self and leave the remaining packages at v1.4.1.

Maintenance mode?

We will only release v1.4.x updates from now on, the next major update will be v2.x. To make it perfectly clear what have been updated, we will only be bumping the revision of the affected package(s).

What about package versions for v2.x?

It is still undecided how we will treat package versioning for the v2.x releases, but, until anything else is announced, just assume it will be business as usual. Honestly, we have not talked about this - at all, yet.

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